Staging Your Home to Tell a Story: A Message to Sellers

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So you have decided to sell your home. You have found a relator, cleaned up your space, and settled on a good price. Everything on paper makes this the ideal place to live. It is in a great neighborhood, good school district, close near shopping, public parks, or whatever other glamorous features you wish to advertise. You have updated the home cosmetically, repainted, done some landscaping for curb appeal, and perhaps even replaced that 1970s shag carpet for some newer hardwood floors. You have done all the steps you should. So why isn’t your house selling? Well, you forgot an important aspect to the selling process…staging your home.

Staging a home is a game changer when it comes to selling your house. By adding this simple step into your home selling process, you are doing a great service in letting your home sell itself!

Believe it or not, a lot of people have a difficult time visualizing spaces. So when touring a house with empty rooms and blank walls, they often find it challenging to imagine what potential the space can have. All they see is what is in front of them, which is just an empty room. By adding some furniture and wall art, you are showing them the possibilities of a space and helping potential buyers understand how each room can be used. This logically helps in problem solving for buyers who often times will have these questions come up AFTER viewing. With staging a space, you are helping to resolve these questions before a viewer even thinks of them.

Adding furniture and making a space into a staged room also can help in selling the layout of your home. For example, you might have some awkward nooks and odd-shaped spaces. Without furniture, a buyer may be turned off on these types of layouts, but adding a few pieces can accent and highlight the uniqueness of your home. That weird bump-in is now the perfect little vignette spot for a specialty console or piece of wall art. Adding these staging elements will turn what was a once problematic area into something to celebrate.

Similar to awkward layouts, you can also help in selling some not so glamorous features of your house, such as plumbing and lighting fixtures. In a blank room, these items stand out, but in a room that is designed to harmonize these fixtures, those finishes do not seem as big of issues. Buyers might even be swayed to keep these chrome or brass fixtures after seeing them work with furniture, rugs, and décor.

Through staging a house, you are also creating a story for your potential buyers. This story is showing the lifestyle someone can have in the home. For example, if you have a fireplace with a couple accent chairs nearby, a potential buyer might see themselves snuggling up on a cold winter’s eve with a book and hot cup of cocoa in hand. Or maybe you create a relaxing spa feel in your master bathroom that tells buyers that this is a space you can relax in after a long a stressful day. This use of storytelling with spaces connects to a buyer’s emotions and this impacts their level of desire and interest in purchasing the home if they imagine the possibilities and get excited about the idea of living there. Storytelling with lifestyle transforms a house into a home.

Staging can also be helpful for buyers to get a sense of any items they might want to purchase when also purchasing the home. Staging a space can educate them on the latest design trends and get them thinking of new pieces to add to their space. Maybe they have had a loveseat from their current apartment but after seeing the staged living room, are excited about getting a brand new sectional. These furniture pieces might not be included in the cost of your home, but they add to the excitement for buyers when viewing.

With staging as well, you are lessening the time that your house will be on the market. Why? With the emotional and logical impact staging spaces can have, buyers are more likely to be sold on a house when they see the potential and ways a house can best accommodate their living needs. You are being proactive to solve all their questions and concerns, and this will in return shorten their decision making time. With your house being on the market for less time, you are more likely to get full price for it, as opposed to letting it sit for months, lowering the price, and playing the waiting game.

Staging your home when reselling is a great investment all around. In fact, staging typically costs less than 1 mortgage payment, but can end up saving you an average of 3 or more payments in the long run. The best part is, that there are companies that do this all for you, keeping it hassle free and simple. Working with a stager or staging company, you are getting expert service in these areas described to help sell your home with ease.

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